What is Ascend?

Ascend is a powerful yet lightweight library for creating rich 3D .NET applications.


Announcement 2/17/2014 - Ascend 3.0 Beta Released!

Ascend 3.0 is now on beta release! It brings new features, API updates, and important bug-fixes. Please download it and report any bugs in the Issues tab.

Getting Started

To get started simply download Ascend or view the documentation.

Current Features

  • A 3D scene graph with easy-to-use scene nodes:
    • LightSceneNode
    • ModelSceneNode
    • AnimatedSceneNode, for animating:
      • Position
      • Rotation
      • Scale
      • Bones
  • Scene node mouse events
  • Blender integration (tested with Blender 2.68)
    • Blender add-on for exporting:
      • Hierarchy
      • Normals
      • Texture coordinates
      • Rigid animation (position, rotation, scale)
      • Bone animation
  • Turntable mouse camera control
  • Bundled model-viewing application, AscendViewer, for previewing models and animations before writing code

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